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About Villa Surgical & Equipments

The company deals with supplies of pharmaceutical products, surgical items, laboratory items, and medical equipment, including preventive and corrective maintenance.

Villa Surgical and Equipment Ltd was established in Nairobi, Kenya in March 2009. It is one of the Major distributors of surgical products and medical equipment in Kenya. It has the widest choice of products & equipment backed by the most skilled technical team in the region and has been the market leader in the region.

Our market strength is our ability to provide after-sales service for the products, especially medical equipment that requires installation and training. Many of our customers are on service contracts for larger equipment such as oxygen generators, concentrators, dental units, etc. The equipment, therefore, gives longer life and fewer interruptions.

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Villa Surgical and Equipment

Why Choose Us

Our training abilities/capabilities to clients make them understand as much about the technical details of our equipment as possible. Whenever we undertake installation of our equipment, we do it with the customers representatives so that the customer is familiar with the equipment.

We follow consistent steps to add value to relevant products and innovative solutions, meeting quality benchmarks and retaining cost effectiveness to compete with the best in the world.

Our mission is to provide the best quality, affordable and safe products while its vision is to be the medical equipment provider of choice within Kenya and beyond.

Villa Surgical & Equipment Ltd is therefore your one-stop medical shop for all your medical items requirements.

Our Market Values

At Villa Surgical & Equipments Ltd, we honor market values and strive to offer quality, affordable and safe products.

We are a well-established company, collaborating with major companies in the industry, both locally and beyond our borders. We have partnered with a number of our suppliers and are still expanding our relations with Suppliers to sustainably meet and satisfy our client’s demands at the best market prices.

We employ the use of business information technology systems, which assure timely and professional relaying of information between us and our clients.

We believe that offering the best quality products available in the market ensures the best and smooth operations at our client’s facility thus promoting our clients’ growth too.

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Values & Customer Care

Our customers will always be the center of our focus. We believe in offering the best value in our industry by making quality services and products affordable.

We believe in aggressively promoting our products and services.

We believe in aggressively promoting our products and services.

We believe in honoring the commitments we make to our clients.

We are self-driven, enjoy our jobs, and have no boundaries hierarchy.

We communicate freely across levels in trust and respect each other.

We believe in appreciating each others’ contributions and making use of tremendous opportunities for personal growth.

We believe in constantly seeking feedback in order to improve.

We strongly emphasize after sales service we have structured.

Guarantee to our products, which fully protects our customers.

We believe in practicing what we preach in the use of technology to improve our efficiency and effectiveness.

We go out of our way to train our customers on the proper use of the products we supply and when they need the products.

Our stock level is continuously monitored to satisfy our clientele.

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