Dental Unit (for child) VS-DTC-326


Handpieces, scaler, curing light, air compressor, Oral camera system

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Standard Configuration

4 hole high-speed handpiece tubing with connector  2 set

Low-speed handpiece tubing with connector        1 set

3-way syringe(cold and hot)                       2 pieces

Strong and weak suction                          1 set

Adjustable headrest                              1 set

Double armrest                                  1 set

Movable tolly tool tray                             1 set

6-position for handpieces, syringe, scaler and electric micromotor

Water suction and saliva ejector                    1 set

LED operation lamp                              1 set

Lamp arm                                       1 set

24V Opg X-ray film viewer                         1 set

24V DC motors                                 1 set

Assistant control sytem with control panel          1 set

Water purified system                            1 set

24V Water heating system                        1 set

Water bottle                                     1 pc

Auto water supply and flush cuspidor system        1 set

Glass cuspidor                                   1 set

Multi function foot pedal                           1 set

Dentist stool DU-142                              1 piece

Micro fiber leather cushion                         1 set

Solenoid valve                                    2 pcs

ABS plastic covers                                1 set

PVC air and water tubes

All kinds of copper valves

Without memories

Chair frame without linked movement                1 set

Without safety system

Dolphin & wave cartoon design

Packing size: 142*100*135cm  16unit/20GP, 32unit/40HQ


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