Disposable Linear Cutting Stapler VS-210 CW


  1. Simple and quick, standard and safe, short time(3-5min).
  2. No stitches, once complete.
  3. Cut neat appearance, does not affect the visual experience.
  4. Forbidding sex life time is short, make body more healthy and life more harmonious.

Technical Specifications

Types Outer Diameter Tolerance Height Tolerance No. of Titanium Stalpe
B-(A)12/ B-(B)12 17.2 mm ±2 3.5 ±0.5 10
B-(A)15/ B-(B)15 19.2 mm 11
B-(A)18/ B-(B)18 22.2 mm 13
B-(A)22/ B-(B)22 26.2 mm 16
B-(A)26/ B-(B)26 29.2 mm 18
B-(A)30/ B-(B)30 33.4 mm 20
B-(A)32/ B-(B)32 36.2 mm 22
B-(A)34/ B-(B)34 37.4 mm 24
B-(A)36/ B-(B)36 41 mm 26
Application procedures Apply for clinical circumcision suture


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