Handpiece Set (Two high speed- One low speed) VS-AAA

Technical Specifications

Low speed handpiece

Working pressure: 0.3mpa-0.35mpa

Applicable burs: 2.335-2.355mm

Turn speed: 20,000-30,000 turn/min

Resistant to high temperature

Disinfection: 135℃

Noise: <70dB

High speed handpiece

Air pressure: 0.2-0.24mpa

Rotation speed: >360,000rpm (standard),

>300,000rpm (Torque)

Chuck type: Push button or wrench

Bur applicable : 1.59mm-1.6mm x 21mm-23mm (diameter x length)

Noise: <68dB



Description Standard Push button type, high speed handpiece, 1-way spray 2 hole
Cartridge Standard cartridge
Needle Change Type Push button
Air Pressure 108-250Kap
Water Pressure 198Kpa (2 kg)
Rotation Speed 370,000-420,000 rpm
Temperature 135℃
Head Height 13.14 mm
Head Diameter φ12.5 mm
Bur Applicable φ1.59mm~φ1.6mm×21mm~23mm (diameter×length)
Noise ≤68dB


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