Oxygen Concentrator VS-AC-10N


AC-10N 10L oxygen concentrator is the model which can be optional to equip with one deluxe alloy barb, using a tubing to connect the 5-way splitter. It meets all range flow

requirements for adult, pediatrics and child use in hospital, households, nursing rooms and etc. It can stably work in 24 hours a day and needs few maintenances of the main machine

among its whole lifetime. Users do not need to open the machine body to do replacement of filters

  1. 24 hours work continuously
  2. AVG oxygen purity: 93%±3%
  3. Low sound level: less than 55dB (A)
  4. Strong ABS shell, fashion style.

Technical Specifications

Oxygen flow per minute 1-10L

can reach 12L with oxygen 93% more

Oxygen flow Single or dual flow
Oxygen concentration 93+/-3%
Sieve bed 2 sieve beds inside
Alarms power failure alarm

pressure alarm

compressor working error alarm

overload alarm

low oxygen alarm

Power consumption 800W
Output Pressure 50-70kpa
Noise level <55dB
Accessories standard 1/ Bacterial filter*1

2/ Humidifier bottle

3/ Heap filter*1

4/ Nasal Cannula*2

5/ Pre-filter *2

Equipment class&Type Class II  B
Dimension 41*34*62cm
Weight 28kg
Packing size 470*400*720mm
Power supply 220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz


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